Worlds Tiniest country Liechtenstein- must know facts - history.

Only two  landlocked countries in the word : Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein.

Vaduz  - Main Capital is only 17 sq kms surrounded.

Liechtenstein has just Approx. 40000 citizen in the country

Country's Total land area is just 160 sq kms. Surrounded by Alps Mountain

Liechtenstein has 250 kms road network and 90 kms seperate bicycle lane

Liechtenstein is sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland


Liechtenstein is know for ancient fort, Churches, Museum of filately stamp , type writer ets

Liechtenstein is having Worlds second highest per capita income. 

Liechtenstein's: Ivoclar Vivadent world famous company is mfg. approx. 6 crore dentures and having worlds 20% market share.

Liechtenstein Country is popular for peacefulness and they don't have military and just 125 police staff.

Liechtenstein Main jail has just 20 person capacity & Very much Less crime Ratio.

Liechtenstein is just 25 kms long from north to south

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