#RIPTwitter  trends seen on platform to oppose Musk dictatorship.

Musk wrote in a Friday tweet he would "make an alternative phone" to compete with Apple's iPhone if the tech giant ends up blocking Twitter from its powerful App Store.

Apple's Safety Demand

Twitter before Musk control: - Average 300 million daily active users. - 217 Mn Average daily activity. -40 Languages. - $5Bn Annual Revenue - $630 free Cash Flow.

Twitter Crying after mass resignations received from 1200 employees and office shut dawn. 

Musk fired half of the company's 7,500 staff, scrapped a work-from-home policy, 

Musk had asked the staff to choose between working intense long hours, or losing their jobs.

Twitter becomes slow after mass resignations & office shut dawn, US senator worried,  askes to inspect with FTC for antitrust finding.

Twitter rolls out $8 monthly fee for blue tick verification, Number of account found false with Verified blue tik and many people victimize fool, 1 Pharma company lost huge money.

Tesla Stock Price dawn by 17% to $187 after Twitters equisations by Musk with $44 Billions and twitters 7500 lay off  and mass resignation of employees.