Streaming of real time bridge collapsed on 26.10.2022

Vintage famous hanging bridge was 750 ft long pedestrian bridge and  build in 20 February 1879 by  British ruler with Local King to reach his palace.

Bridge Just Renovated and opened before 5 days by Contractor without approval just looking to earn money by issuing tickets worth Rs. 12 and 17.

This is over crowded and beyond capacity of the bridge seen.

Big questions on Local BJP governments negligence and did not checked by certified engineers before opining for public.

There was no certificate of approval granted by concern authority and 500 people allowed instead bridge capacity 100

Morbi City had no rescue team and State government called NDRF team later. They reached after 3 hours of incidents.

Title 3

Bridge Renovation contract was Given to Oreva MD Jayshukh Patel worth Rs. 2 Crore, but Contractor  had no license and proper experience.

Contract owner and industrialist Mr.Jayshukh Patel fled away with family and not reach with police.  Rumer is they might have left countriy.

Prime Minister Modi Visited Spot. Contract owner's banner hidden by cloth just Above on tower.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visited to Morbi Hospital to ask vistims about insident how happend.

Bridge had capacity of 100 visitors and at that time 500 was on bridge and did not sustain load.

Incident happened during evening on Diwali Holydays and sudden no help received by Local city government, Local people helped to rescue.

Gujarat High Court takes suo motu cognizance, issues notice to State government., The Chief Justice of the High Court said it was a disheartening incident.

Morbi city has same past  history and 1979 Machchu Dam was broken and nearly 5000 people died. This was a human mistake

Morbi Machhu Dam Failure 1979: गुजरात के मोरबी में रविवार रात हुए हादसे ने एक बार फिर लोगों को यहां साल 1979 में आयी विनाशकारी बाढ़ के बाद के दृश्यों की याद दिला दी. यह घटना 11 अगस्त 1979 को घटी थी

Morbi was founded as a princely state around 1698 by Kanyoji when the heir apparent of Cutch State fled Bhuj with his mother after his father Ravaji was murdered.