Learn Survival, Securing Future in the bloodbath of mass layoff by Tech Giant Companies.

How to Survive from Mass layoffs ?

Every day news, alerts pops up with headlines seeing, we readers worried,

Hope I am Not in !!

Tech Layoffs: Over 24K Workers Laid Off By 91 Tech Firms In First 15 Days Of 2023

First of all Meta Facebook has started approx. 11000 out of 79000 total strength. 

Twitter pushed trends and continuing approx. 3500 layoff out of 7500 work force

Amazon has approx. 1.5 million staff and plans 10000 lay off with benifits

Google has 1.4 lacs employee and also plans for low performing staff by approx. 10000

HP also announce layoff 12% out of 53000 Approx. total staff.

Are this All Tech Giants are really successful called in management ? Of course not !!!

Question For Tech Giant ?

Failure of this all tech companies by recruiter, Purely unhuman, poor management.

We Employees are not Failed.

Now stop here, Take a deep Breath, don't panic to about you.  This is a time to rejuvenate your future.

Rejuvenate Now

On the other side of this, Every year more then 1.25 millions new recruitment as per sources. 

Think Positive 

Universe Rule

There is always Brite day after Dark night and we will be part of system, this black night will  off and day will rise be Happy with nature

This is a lesson for both, Tech Giant &  Employees too. Now all scenario will change for new recruitments, result will stop future blood bath of Layoffs. Our Pray to God for Happy endings.

Job  Loss  Insurance

Now a days Many Insurance companies offering, if Job loss with any reason, we can get compensation as per policy terms we had selected and be secure financial need and happy till new job we find. Our hope to you not required this.