Champion    : $42 mn Runner Up    : $30 mn Third Place  : $27 mn  Forth Place  : $25 Mn

FIFA have a Revenue budget in 2022 is USD 4.6 Billion.

Simply qualifying for the 2022 World Cup sees each team paid a $1.5 million participation fee

Broadcasting rights set to contribute $2.6 billion alone in income.

Around World- Total 32 Countries Participating.

Tournament will be finish in 29 Days in this world cup.

World Cup will be palyed in 8 Stadium in Qatar acros 60 kms.

Total 64 matched will be played during world cup

From all the team, 831 player will play match.

K-popstar BTS's Jungkook will perform Opining Ceremony song to beat the heart at stadium.

Famous  Colombian Singer Shakira announced to perform  in Opening Ceremony at Qatar 2022, but did not attend.

First time FIFA world cup plays in winter.

Qatar( 11000 sq km ) is the smallest country who hosted world cup. 

During this world cup, all the men/women have to wear full cloth in body, else may face jail.

Fifa World Cup

First Time Qatar will Participate

All  8 AC stadiums 

High Voltage match players: Ronaldo- Portugal Neymar- Brazil, Kylian Mbappé -France Herry Ken-England, Luis Suarez-Uruguay, De Bruyne - Belgium, Lionel Massy-Argentina

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