An incarnation of the God Vishnu,  Lord Ram is a widely worshiped Hindu deity.

In the 16th century, the Mughals constructed a mosque by demolishing  Berth site of the Ram.

Larsen & Toubro offered to oversee the design and construction of the temple free of cost.

5 Years Bal Swarup of Ram Bhagvan.

2019 November: Supreme Court awards a Hindu group the ownership of the site.

Special huge Nagada from Gujarat, weighing 500 kg, to grace Ayodhya Ram Temple

2,100-kg bell prepared and audible from 15 km distance.

Total 50 diffrent musical instruments played ‘Mangal Dhvani' for 2 hours.

A 108-foot-long incense stick, which weighs 3,610 kg and is almost 3.5 feet wide

7,000 kg of "Ram Halwa", a traditional sweet dish free.

The pran-prathistha ceremony is held on January 22, 2024

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Spiritual Odyssey! Laying Tribute to Ram Setu at Arichal Munai.

Over 10,000 CCTVs to keep vigil in Ayodhya, security tightened at border by Home Minister

Kangana Ranaut, who has already reached Ayodhya for Ram Mandir‘s inauguration.

The UP government allocated Rs 100 crore for a series of religious activities

400 kg with 10 feet height lock and key, 4.6 feet width and 9.5" thickness

Satellite View By ISRO